Wednesday, December 16, 2009

blooms galore

I hopped online tonight to take a look at some bouquet ideas. As I mentoned earlier, I'm looking for something with a wide variety of shades of purple.

This first one, is from the 2000 Fall issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. I like the idea of the glitter (or maybe flocked) pine cones, but I would have to try to track down a copy of this issue so I can get a closer look and see if it looks too Christmas-ie.

The second one is from the 2006 Fall issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. I like the variety of blooms and also shades of purple in this bouquet, but I would also like a few blooms to be even deeper in color.

The final bouquet is from The Knot's website. Some of the flowers in this are a little too pink for my color palate, but I really like the texture the spider mums add.

Purple-themed bouquets aren't as common as I would have thought, and I really want to try to stay away from artificial looking colors. Maybe also incorporate some wild flowers as well.

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