Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the bridesmaid dress search begins!

After spending the past two months trying to nail down wedding colors, I finally decided to pick a bridesmaid dress first and then try to narrow down the colors based on availability. I arrived at this idea when I became so overwhelmed with color options.

I started researching dresses and I stumbled across a color that I would have never considered, champagne. I thought, 'how beautiful would it be with an ivory dress and champagne bridesmaid dresses?' I was totally hooked. My fiancé wanted to go with silver vests and ties for his groomsmen. I then stumbled across the idea of champagne and pewter. Even better!

The search was on for dresses in these colors. The color is defiantly more limiting than if I would have gone with something like red, but champagne seems to be a big color right now. There were more choices available than I would have guessed. David's Bridal is currently offering almost all of there dresses in the champagne color. The pewter is not as widely available, but still some.

Below are a couple dresses I fell in love with from other designers. I'll take them along when I visit the bridal shop I ordered my dress through and find out what the pricing is.

This Alfred Angelo dress is in a style that seems to be really popular now. I like the shape of it as I think it would work well for all shapes and sizes of women. I'll have to see if the girls are more interested in short or long dresses. October 9th could be a little chilly in a short skirt!

I love the bodice on this Bari Jay dress. This style isn't available in the champagne color but the pewter is really beautiful. Like the above dress, I could see this style looking good on all girls.

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